Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to qualify for deferred action to apply?
Yes. At this time, we require students to be eligible for the deferred action program. Golden Door Scholars has a focus on providing both college scholarships and professional experience. Therefore, applicants must be eligible to participate in paid internships. While you are not required to have been approved for the deferred action program at the time you apply, you will be required to be approved prior to scholarship funds being released.
Do I have to be a NC/SC resident?
You do not have to be from NC or SC to apply. However, strong priority will be given to students from the Carolinas, TN, and GA .
Do I have to be a current high school student?
No. Applicants can be current high-school students or recent graduates not enrolled in a four-year undergraduate program. Community college students are welcome to apply.
How do I upload my transcript?
The application form allows you to upload a PDF, text file, or Word document. If your school cannot provide an electronic copy of your transcript, please scan your transcript and upload that file. Should you become a finalist, a hard copy of your transcript will be required.
Can this scholarship be applied towards graduate school?
While the scholarship may expand in the future, this years’ recipients must use funds for a four year undergraduate degree.
How will finalists be judged?
This year, we will be focused on granting scholarships to high-performing students who recently graduated from high school. The application is designed to give us a thorough understanding each applicant, including historical academic performance and rigor as well as personal and professional goals, and we will consider the full applicant profile in our decision-making process.
How can I donate?
Donating to our cause is easy! Simply click the "Donate" link on the right side of our donate page and follow the PayPal on screen instructions.
I am a teacher. How can I help?
Reach out as early as possible to all students and encourage them to envision themselves as college material, and if the opportunity arises, let undocumented students know that their citizenship status does not prohibit them from attending college. Click here for a printable version of our Golden Door Scholars flier.