TechWorks Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to live in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area?
Periodically, throughout the training, you will be asked to come to our Ft. Mill, SC office for training. In addition, all jobs, post-training, will be located in the Charlotte, NC area.
Is there a minimum GPA requirement for TechWorks?
While there is no specific GPA requirement, you should have demonstrated a strong work ethic and interest in technology through your high school and/or community college coursework.
Is there a maximum age for the program?
No. You must be a high school graduate and must be DACA-approved by July 1, 2014.
Which companies are participating in this program?
Golden Door Scholars has partnered with Red Ventures in Ft. Mill, SC for the inaugural TechWorks class. As we expand the program, we will expand the scope of our employment partnerships. Red Ventures is a marketing and sales company with more than 1,900 employees. Unlike companies who specialize in online marketing, telephone sales, or building technology infrastructure, Red Ventures has expertise in all three. Red Ventures has been ranked among the top 10 Best Places to Work in Charlotte for four years running, and Red Ventures’ employees enjoy an exciting, entrepreneurial work environment.
How much will I make as a full-time web developer?
Full-time TechWorks web developers will be offered competitive salaries and benefits.
Will I be paid during the three-month training period?
No. Training is part-time, so you will be able to continue or start a full-time job during the training period.
Does Golden Door Scholars provide housing?
No. Applicants should be from the Charlotte area and have housing in the area.
Does everyone accepted into the program get a job?
Every TechWorks participant who successfully completes the program’s online training, onsite sessions, technology skills assessments, and Capstone project will be eligible for a full-time, web-development employment opportunity. The majority of technology training will occur through our online partner, Treehouse (, in an on-demand, self-study capacity. Therefore, successful completion of the program will require strong time management skills and dedication to the program. We will provide a syllabus and a suggested study timeline to help keep you on track.
What if I’m already in community/4-year college?
Community college students are eligible to apply. However, you must be able to work full-time, beginning in October, 2014. Students attending or who have graduated from a four-year college are not eligible.
Are there any costs associated with the program?
TechWorks will cover all training costs. Associates are responsible for transportation to our Ft. Mill, SC office both during and after the training period.